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When it comes to re-roofing and roof repairs in Salinas, CA you will need a roofing company that is willing to go the extra mile. Dealing with any type of damage to your home can be stressful. If you add an insurance claim to this mix it can even make the sanest person feeling stressed out.

At G&S Roofing Salinas, we are willing to go the extra mile to make your life easier. You can get in touch with us for an obligation-free quote after we have checked out the condition of your roof. Rest assure you that if we discover any sufficient damage for you to claim, we will take the necessary pictures and documentation for you.

A roofing technician is installing bitumen shingles on a homeowner´s roof in Acosta St, Salinas CA.
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Leave it to us to help you get in touch with your insurer and arrange for an adjuster to have a look at the roof damages as well. We prefer to be at the adjuster’s inspection as well. Our experience is that insurance companies love to cut corners, no matter which insurance company you are dealing with.

Insurance companies will do anything to make a bit of extra money. We understand the actual claim itself can be quite complicated which is why we are here to guide you through the whole process. Our team will make sure that your insurance company has all the right documentation in their possession to process your claim as fast as possible.

Call upon the best roofers of Salinas, CA to deal with all of your roofing issues. Re-roofing, metal roofing installation and repairs, gutter repairs, emergency roofing, roof inspections for commercial and residential buildings, our certified and trusted roofing contractors do it all.

Roof Repairs Salinas, CA

In time, as your roof ages, you can expect to run into some problems. Each and every roof has its own little quirks. If you choose the right roofing company from the start, you should only encounter issues when your roof is at least twenty-five years old.

This of course also depends on the weather conditions which your roof is subjected to. We advise all our customers to have a yearly inspection to prevent any type of exterior damage that could cause interior damage as well if not discovered timely.

A damaged roof in Camile / Sieber, Salinas CA from a weather storm.

Aging is not the only issue that your roof will be dealing with of course. Your roof is constantly being battered by the weather elements, which is why repairs will be needed from time to time.

These repairs can be as simple as a few shingles that came loose during a hefty windstorm.

Perhaps some broken tiles due to a hail storm. It could also be a gutter that might have come loose due to a branch that fell from a tree.

All these types of repairs can be done by yourself if you know what you are doing and if you’re not afraid of heights. Most homeowners would however prefer to leave these jobs to a professional to fix it for them. 

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Get The Job Done By Professionals With Over 20 Years Experience


We always advise calling in a roofing company to come and asses the damage if the damage is more extensive. The roofing contractor will be doing all the scrambling for you and can pinpoint exactly what is going on.

Leave it to G&S Roofing Salinas to fix all your roofing problems. We know roofing and understand what needs to be done. We always provide our honest opinion for every inspection that we do, and we won’t recommend unnecessary and expensive repairs. Our team performs a full inspection which includes assessing the structural integrity of your roof as well.

Damaged bitumen shingles of a residential building in Eagle Drive & Bison Way, Salinas CA.

The problem that we sometimes encounter is that a lot of quick patch and repair jobs can easily disguise the real problem that is on hand. Stay away from your below-average roofers that have unfortunately are becoming more common.

You will benefit from choosing a trusted local roofing company such as G&S Roofing Salinas. Don’t be fooled by the sheer appearance of the exterior or interior of your house. Issues such as moisture could still quietly seep through cracks which could lead to rot and mold at a certain point.

​This is just one of the reasons why routine checks, maintenance and repairs are needed to keep your home protected and well-preserved.

Residential Roofing

A residential home in Creekbridge, Salinas after a finished roofing service.

We provide all roofing services that are needed for your home. Whether you want a shingle roofing, a flat roof, and more, our roofers at G&S will make sure you get the best roof over your head.

Commercial Roofing

A glass roof for a commercial building in Steinbeck District, Salinas CA.

Our company has built many roofs for commercial buildings in town and nearby areas. Are you looking to get a roof done for your business? Then get a look at what we can do for your building.


Our roofing technician is working on a flat roof in Village Heights, Salinas for an office building.

We’re a one-stop roofing company for all your roofing needs. You can rest assure that we are you roofing contractor that delivers, whether it is roof repair, replacement, or design.


Our roofing technician standing in Harden Ranch, Salinas is a great advisor ready for any roofing questions.

Are you not sure which service you need? Our roofing experts are happy to answer all your questions. Just give us a call and we can give you advice and all needed information.

A home in Harden Ranch, Salinas getting a roof replacement with new shingles.

Residential Roof Replacements Salinas, CA

Fixing roofing issues yourself can be quite dangerous and could lead to serious injuries if you’re not taking the necessary safety pre-cautions. Leave it to our team of local roofing contractors to fix all your roofing issues. Leave the extensive and roof replacement jobs to our team. Roofing is what we do on the daily.

Replacing a roof is something that needs to be done correctly. If not done properly you will risk your roof to cave in a later stadium. You want to avoid the one-day-fly type of roofers as contracting these might cause more problems down the line in a few years’ time, leaving you with a much higher bill at the end.

Don’t make any shortcuts when it comes to re-roofing and repairs, stick to your local trusted roofing company in Salinas California– Call our team of Roofers Salinas.

We are a family operated and owned roofing business. We understand how important your home is, to yourself, your partner and children. We take pride in taking care of all of our customers and their needs. We always offer a free inspection to assess the condition of your roof. Give us a call today to set up a no-obligation inspection.

If a roof replacement is needed, we will help you submit a claim with your own insurance company and go through all of your options. We will work with you to make a solution will be in place that is affordable and long-lasting. We only advice products which we can vouch for and that are beneficial for your roof.

Commercial Roofing Salinas, CA

A business that is unable to do business means that you are losing money. Shutting a company down for necessary repairs and maintenance also means losing money, as time is money. If you decide to team up with a roofing contractor, you want to be sure that your roofing company:

  • Is a skilled & professional who knows what they are doing
  • Can deliver the work within the set time period
  • Will be able to complete all repairs in the most effective way possible.
Flat roof installation in Crescent Park/Laurel Park/Airport, Salinas for a commercial building.

G&S Roofing Salinas understands how important it is to get your business back in business as soon as possible as time is money. Our way of working ensures that we are able to complete your project as efficient as possible whilst keeping the quality of work up to our standards.

Our team of roofing contractors will also help you through the entire process of submitting the claim to your insurance agency, whilst making sure that your claim is being handled as fast as possible. Part of the roofing business is dealing with insurers, so rest assure we are able to help all of our customers out.

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Get The Job Done By Professionals With Over 20 Years Experience


A roof accident in Harden Ranch, Salinas ready to get rood damage repair.

If your roof has been fully compromised, our team will assist you through the entire process with the insurance company to fight for your interests. We help all our customers to navigate them in the confusing world of insurance claims.

Feel free to give us a call if you suspect you have been subjected to storm damage. The sooner the damage is repaired, the less complicated the repairs will actually be. Our roof inspections are always 100% free, so it won’t hurt for us to have a look for you. Better safe than sorry.

If no repairs or replacements are needed, we will swiftly be on our way again. If repairs or replacements are needed, we will discuss the possibilities with you and take it from there.

Call Upon Roofers Salinas, CA

If you believe your home or business has been damaged during a storm or other implication, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be with you shortly to assess the issue.

All of our assessments are completely free. Since we are a local owned company we take pride in performing these free assessments for our community. This is our way of giving back to the community we are serving and living in.

Leave it to our team to asses the current condition of your residential or commercial roof. If we find sufficient damage to your building we will take all the necessary pictures and discuss all option with you.

Our roofing expert doing an inspection on the roof of a house in Santa Lucia Village, Salinas.

Our customer service goes above and beyond which is why our team always assist with submitting the claim to your insurance agency as well.

If you are interested in our roofing services feel free to give us a call today to see what we can do for you. We serve Salinas, California and the surrounding areas within an 20-mile radius, but are willing to go the extra mile. Just give us a call and ask if we serve in your area to get your roofing done right, every single time.

Your Local Roofing Company

As Salinas’s best local roofing company, we feel it is our obligation to provide the best workmanship against the best prices.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority and we want to be sure that all our customers are glad they chose us for their roofing services and tell their friends and family about us. Mouth to mouth is the best marketing available which is why we try to serve our clients to the fullest.

Get in touch with G&S Roofing Salinas and find out what we can do for you.

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